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Trolley Addition to Shelfit System

Keillor Coachbuilders Ltd launch their innovative trolley system for mobile libraries incorporating the Shelfit system of shelving. Standard Shelving, Display shelving, waterfall and kinderbox systems can all be incorporated in any derivative weather it's all shelving, part shelving, part kinderbox or even the slotted pamphlet holders.

The advantage of this system is that the trolleys can be pre loaded with the day's workload and can be transferred on and off the vehicle with ease dependant on the clientele to be visited on that particular trip, giving a saving both in time and effort on restocking shelving.

Another large advantage is that the trolleys can be taken to the client if immobility is an issue for them. This could be especially useful when visiting care homes for the elderly or young children avoiding the issues of roadside parking.

Secure fixings to the vehicle wall using a foot pedal, along with locking wheels ensures safety whilst in motion in the vehicle.

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Keillor Optional Extras

Door Safety Barrier
Click to enlargeClick to enlarge Keillor can install various entrance door safety gates and children's barriers to any style of Vehicle. Examples are the Keillor concealed safety gate or PLS safety gate, a propriety piece of equipment. Either are physical barriers to close off an open door if required.

Click to enlarge Children's Safety Screen
Keillor coachbuilders can install a children's safety barrier to a door opening to give a physical barrier to very young children.

Click to enlarge Children's Hand Rails
Keillor can install extra child friendly hand rails to the entrance doors if required. These are positioned within the adult orientated handrails to be more ergonomically friendly to younger people.

Click to enlarge Full Height Support Hand Rails
Floor to ceiling support rails can be installed into any vehicle. This is specifically designed for the more infirm or frail client to give extra support whilst moving around within the vehicle confides.

Fold Down Workstation Shelf System
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Keillor can install fold down workstations. These can be installed folded flat to the wall behind the Keillor Shelfit range if required. This gives the flexibility of shelving or workstations. These work stations can be used as a PC station, a play station, or a gaming point with power and data communications if required or as a simple shelf for reading or working on. These shelves could also be used for display purposes. Seating can be installed if required. One customer required these to be at a child friendly height.

Click to enlarge Solar Panels
We can install solar panels if required to aid battery charging during the day. Various customers have asked for this option. They are available in various sizes and configurations dependant on battery sizes within the Vehicle.

Click to enlarge LCD TV Workstation
Keillor Coachbuilders have in the recent past installed a variety of LCD TVs within vehicles. These have been used for demonstration / presentation purposes and linked to a PC within the vehicle. A few have also been used to link play stations together in a 'gaming' environment. The LCD screens can be fixed to a wall or ceiling and can be folded out the way or on swing mountings to be viewed within various locations within the vehicle.

Click to enlarge Smart Board
We have within the recent past installed smart boards to be used in conjunction with a projector. Various customers have found these to be invaluable during presentations especially within a IT / teaching vehicle.

Other Options

Keillor Coachbuilders can install any item a customer would require to make the vehicle functional and fit for purpose. A variety of items recently have been :-

  • Air-conditioning unit.
  • Overhead Roof mounted projector with a roof mounted retractable screen.
  • Hearing loop.
  • Network hub point for PC connection.
  • Network cabling throughout the vehicle.
  • CCTV monitoring within the vehicle with 7 day cycling recording system.
  • Blinds on all windows.
  • PIR activated Alarm system.
  • Midge nets for a Scottish customer.
  • Panic button which activates the Vehicle alarm system.
  • Tracking device for office based monitoring of Vehicle.
  • A split charging system to charge the auxiliary batteries whilst the engine is running.
  • A manually operated Awning.
  • Generators to power complete vehicle electrics.
  • Hospitality units housing hand washes, microwave units and cool boxes or fridges.
  • Stability legs for stabilising the vehicle once deployed for display purposes.
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