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  Keillor Coachbuilders' success at recent shows (Jun, 2010)
  New Tilting Mobile Vehicle (Apr, 2010)
  New Facilities and Services (Aug, 2009)
  Venture Trust Edinburgh (Jul, 2009)
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  Keillor Coachbuilders Achieve YPO Accreditaion (May, 2009)
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  Keillor Coachbuilders' success at recent shows (Jun, 2010)


Keillor Coachbuilders vehicles have had a resounding success at recent shows.

The company have just won awards in best overall vehicle, best "state of the art vehicle" and best graphics along with a further award for graphics.

Click for GalleryNorth Tyne Side award winning vehicle for best in show and graphics. This vehicle is 7500kg and is a childrens library. It has the unique Keillor flaired front end, thermal acoustic panles and mastervolt power system.

This vehicle was built specifically for young children, it has six work stations for Computer learning, a digital projector and intelligent white screen. The vehicle is fitted with Keillor shelving. The electrical system is in the form of AGM maintenance free batteries, mastervolt combi inverter and charger system and Intelitec system the vehicle also has split charging and wireless connectivity. It has a ratcliff 3 step system and thermal acoustic panels.

Oxford won the state of the art vehicle and is a childrens early learning vehicle. This vehicle comes with our uniquely designed mastervolt system, electric plug door, solar panels and LED lighting system . the vehicle is a Renault 5750kg low floor with integrated slide out disabled step, designed by Keillors. The vehicle also won an award for graphics.

We would like to thank, North Tyne Side and Oxford for their participation and forward thinking which enabled these vehicles to be built.

Keillor Coachbuilders consider these vehicles to be our standard specification. We offer best value for our vehicles and endeavour to further improve our vehicles through technology at all times.

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  New Tilting Mobile Vehicle (Apr, 2010)


Click for GalleryKeillor have launched their new tilting mobile vehicle. The vehicle retains complete walk through and will remain flared but now comes with a tilt cab facility to enable full servicing of the engine, gearbox and ancillaries. Due to the unique design the vehicle is fully waterproof and draught proof and enables operators to have the full walk through facility and have a widened cab.

We continue to make use of latest technology and this vehicle now comes with a full Mastervolt Inverter combi and charging system, enabling charging on the move and while stationary via the solar panels.

All electrics are now situated at the rear locker box enabling ease of maintenance. The Mastervolt AGM maintenance free batteries are also fitted here along with the Intelitec control system.

Heating is supplied by Diesel electric heater from Eberspacher.

Air movement is now achieved via new roof air movers which means the roof "skylight" windows are now fully useable and are not blocked by the traditional air movement systems.

The control system for the door is now enhanced with electrical controls systems.

The step system is a Ratcliff 3 step system allowing for compact and easy operation.

All lighting systems are LED and covex thus reducing power requirements.

Internally CCTV is continuous, giving added security and comfort to operators.

A modern alarm system is fitted to protect against theft and vandalism.

Finally solar panels are fitted to show the benefits of fitting these to vehicles.

This vehicle is for sale, please contact for more details.

All of our suppliers have been chosen due to their experience in the industry.

The Company is presently going through Whole Vehicle Type Approval with VOSA; this is a new legal requirement for all coachbuilders and approval will enable Keillor to move forward with its innovative designs and embracing new technology.

Keillor is now affiliated with Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO and Pro 5) and Scotland Excel, ALCATEL (Leeds and Bradford area) and are also working in close partnership with other Authorities and Coachbuilders.

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  New Facilities and Services (Aug, 2009)


As part of Keillor's ongoing progress, Keillor Coachbuilders now have full workshop facilities to enable full refurbishment and repair work of horseboxes and combined horesbox and holiday home units.

We are able to offer complete project to single defect repair service and are able to provide a collect and return service for vehicles.

Finally we are also now able to provide service facilities to clients at their premises. We have fully fitted out vans and qualified service technicians to cover all aspects of horsebox and other similar type vehicles, in addition to vehicle types which we already manufacture.

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  Venture Trust Edinburgh (Jul, 2009)


Click for GalleryWe have just completed a major order with Venture Trust based in Edinburgh and Applecross.

Their remit was for two main vehicles, two canoe trailers and a landrover to take young people out of their usual environment.

The main vehicle could carry upto 16 clientele to learn outward bound activities for upto 2 weeks. The Staff carry out team building skills during the expedition into the great outdoors. Camping, canoeing and trekking being some of the activities. All equipment for these activities is carried by the main vehicles in conjunction with a backup team in the form of landrover and canoe trailer.

Large Tepee tents, cooking facilities, wet weather gear and wet suits along with food and boating equipment are some of the likely pieces of kit being transported. External showers were installed with separate tentage for clientele cleaning prior to evening activities around base camp.

Another function of the main vehicle is to be a base for staff during presentations within the community environment. To this remit we then added onboard cooking facilities, a toilet and shower along with bedding arrangements for upto 5 members of staff. Generator and water carrying facilities were also required. An awning with scene lighting was requested for display purposes and as added function during outward bound activities.

These Vehicles are a pleasure to view with their stunning external graphics telling the story of Venture Trust's ethos in pictorial form.

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News - May, 2009

Keillor have now moved into their new extended premises. With over 100,000sq feet the facility now has a cycle of production with separate build, finish, and paint and repair shops. It is built to cope with 20 vehicles in build with the ability of fast track projects.

The Company is presently going through Whole Vehicle Type Approval with VOSA, this is a requirement through legislation for all coachbuilders and will enable Keillor to move forward with its innovative designs and embracement of technology.

Keillor recently joined forces with Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) and are also working in close partnership with other coachbuilders.

Technology, once again, is of paramount importance and as such Keillor now believe they offer the best 24v system available on the market.

Keillor have now diversified and, due to our unique panel build techniques, we are now commissioned by industries such as the oil and gas industries to build specialist cabins.

As part of our on-going commitment we now offer vehicles for hire on short or long-term agreements and also are able to set up lease agreements to suit clients needs.

Keillor are pro-active in having chassis available for immediate build, and as such can offer a range of 6.5 to 7.5tonne in manual, automatic and air suspension derivatives.

Keillor welcome the opportunity for factory visits.

Finally, the Company have now designed a range of products to suit differing needs such as portable shelving, laptop desks and full walk-through cab facilities.

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Keillor Coachbuilders achieve Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) Accreditaion

Keillor Coachbuilders are fully accredited and are approved suppliers of vehicles through Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) contract services Scheme. Click here for more information.

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