Keillor Coachbuilders Ltd have just moved into their new purpose built factory on the Kirkton Industrial Estate, Arbroath, Scotland.

The new factory adjoins the other Companies under the Reekie Engineering Ltd umbrella giving a support facility of specialist machinery to enhance the Keillor build design.


The Keillor vision is to provide quality vehicles at competitive prices, individually designed to suit our clients’ particular requirements.

Design and innovation is a key element in our strategy, working with our clients advising and taking instruction before and during build.

The Keillor team are highly motivated with a young but mature labour force led by an experienced management team to drive the company forward.

A Guide To Eco-Friendly Builders Waste Clearance in Camden

Sorting out Camden waste clearance can bring with it a whole set of challenges. Of course, this largely depends on the scale of the waste collection job. But people generally find it quite tricky. How do I get started? How do I chuck all the Camden rubbish away? How long will it take? Although it seems like a relatively simple task, waste disposal can actually prove to be a bit of a minefield.

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